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The Winery - Valtiendas

There is nothing more important than memories. Life is made up of images that are recorded in our mind. Happiness is made up of short instances that leave a mark which you can't hold on too. Enjoy the moment while the harmony lasts on your palate. A glass of Tinto Redreja is something more than wine, it's an instance of pleasure.

In every glass of Tinto Redreja there's a symphony of aromas which are an introduction to our Red, Rosé and White wines. There's no need to rush and there's no need to hurry. After observing the vibrant colours of the wine take your time so that your senses can detect the aroma of the earth, the light, the air, the wood, the grapes, the history and the culture of the Castillian high plateau.

The passage of time is our ally. The days and months pass, as do the years, and with each passing second our wine becomes more alive, wiser, acquires balance and can't wait to be uncorked. In a society where everthing moves so fast the art of wine making goes against the grain and converts the silence and patience into it's allies. The tase of a good wine is a pleasure which excites the five senses, the same senses we use while working the sacred fruit of the vine.

When you first start making wine, you must learn to touch. Caress the the earth with your fingertips, see whether the terrain is suitable for the vines. On the smooth slopes of Valtiendas we found the land that we had been looking for. There we planted our vines convinced that the clay and the stoney sand were the ideal base which would allow the plants to survive the difficult climate and altitude of 940 metres above sea level, the recommended limit for wine production. Working on land of this nature gives our wine a distinct personality and character. The winters are also very hard which helps to fortify the vines.

Four generations of the Fernández family have cultivated vines in the Redreja area. Each year that goes by the land is more generous. Once the ideal terrain is found the vitner has to listen. You have to be close to the vines and care for each plant. You have to listen to the language of the earth, the water, the light, and the natural elements which choose the silence of Valtiendas to express themselves.

Land, water, light, patience, silence and eyes always alert. Sieze the moment, when the grapes are at that precise moment of maturity we start the harvest and transport the grapes to the winery. The pruning while green at the Redreja gives production results of about 3800 kg per hectare. With this sparce production we achieve a grape which, on the inside, is all that is born from the earth and all that elevates through the vines.

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